A Frank Dialogue with Mr. X

At the time when Mr. Knapp and I were discussing our positions on evolution/creation in the Daily Bee, another local creationist (whom I shall refer to as Mr. X) also joined the fray.  (Unfortunately, I do not have Mr. Xs contributions to the newspaper at my disposal, or I would reproduce them here.) Shortly after our opinions had appeared in the newspaper, Mr. X knocked on my door one afternoon and presented me with a mailing envelope containing a copy of "The Evolution Cruncher." [Now called "Evolution Handbook.] (See here.)  Mr. X reminded me that he was a creationist and said that he thought the material presented in the book he had given me would help me to see the error of my ways. A note attached to the mailing envelope read as follows:

Dear Jack,

Enclosed find a book with much science in relation to Evolutionism. Much if not most quotations are from evolutionists themselves. (See note on page 8). I would start on page 13 as a beginning.

Enjoy - Frank X

I thanked Mr. X for his concern about my supposed failure to properly evaluate the scientific merits of creationism. I told him that I would take a look at the book and get back to him with my opinion on it. What follows are the series of documents that were exchanged between the two of us as a consequence of Mr. Xs visit.  Although our dialogue occasionally delves into theological matters, it focuses primarily on the scientific aspects of the evolution/creation controversy.

1. A Cursory Review of "The Evolution Cruncher"

2. Mr. Xs "Wow" Letter

3. My Reply to Mr. X's "Wow" Letter

4. Mr. Xs Response to Item 3

5. My Reply to Item 4


On 8/10/05, Mr. X, in his diligent quest to convince me of the deficiencies of evolutionary theory, presented me with another creationist screed written by the author of "The Evolution Cruncher."  He reminded me that the "Cruncher" was only an abbreviated version of the author's considerably more erudite work on the subject.  It was his opinion that I would be forever cleansed of pro-evolution thoughts if I would only take the time to acquaint myself with the unassailable arguments presented in the expanded version.  As discussed below, the objective of Mr. X's quest has yet to be fulfilled.

           6. A Partial Review of "Other Evidence Against Evolution - Book 3"


Sometime during January 2006, Mr. X delivered a handwritten letter to me in response to Item 6 above.  In his letter,  he lambasted "evolutionists" for causing most of the evils that currently befall our nation.  He also listed a number of his personal accomplishments - presumably to impress upon me how much better things would be if only everyone practiced his brand of creationism.  He ended his epistle with his usual offer to help me end my sinful acceptance of evolution and to steer me in the direction of his favorite deity.  Since his letter was 11 pages handwritten, I have not reproduced it in its entirety.  Instead, in what follows, I have responded to him by commenting only on pertinent statements contained therein.

7. Further Dialogue with Mr. X

8. Mr. X Comes Back for More

Around the first of February, 2007, Mr. X delivered another envelope that included a letter (dealing primarily with the evils of "booze" consumption) and three DVDs. The DVDs included three episodes of the "Amazing Discoveries" series in which creationist Walter Veith treats his credulous audience to a litany of oft-refuted anti-evolution arguments.  The letter that I sent to Mr. X in response follows.

                    9. Mr. X Strikes Again

Further correspondence with Mr. X occurred near the end of April and the early part of May, 2008.

                    10. A Failed Attempt to Create a Kinder/Gentler God

                    11. A Failed Attempt to Create a Kinder/Gentler God (Continued)