4. Mr. Xís Response to Item 3

[Note: The enclosure , "a little thing about creation," with this letter was a copy of "A Creationistís View of Dinosaurs and the Theory of Evolution" by Jim Pinkoski.  Although I could not find a version of this handbook reproduced on the Internet, it apparently can be purchased here.]

Dear Mr. Jack De Baun,

Again you are quite thorough in your agenda. But is this what you call science? It seems to me to be nothing but the history of the evolving of evolutionary thinking plus some more ideas from other people. For instance the whole paper about eyes is nothing but arguments of different thoughts of different people. There is not one thing about science proving the evolution of the eye, but ignores the fact that the eye is totally useless unless it is complete and perfect. This is merely a bunch of philosophers discussing some abstract thought. Mr. so and so thinks this and Mr. So and so thinks that, on and on.

But I am thankful for the one about whales. I will keep this in my evolution file for sure. It is the most foolish thing one can imagine. How could a cow (or whatever} go back into the water, and just because it liked water it would turn into a whale? For one thing a male and female would have to do their thing there, and saying they both agreed to this and it could be done at all, here comes a calf born underwater. One can imagine how well it would fare, perhaps it could live for a few minutes, and then it learns to eat fish or plankton rather quickly if it managed to surface. I can go no further. But this year I saw some newsreels of some floods in the South East, and there were many kinds of cattle involved, and they all perished. They did not start to evolve into anything.

The paper on the people, who are supposed to be Christians doing awful things to one another, is quite a distressing thing. But remember Hitler did his terrible deeds because he believed in evolution and that the weaker races should be eliminated, as evolution is supposed to do, and millions killed by the communists was because they believed that evolution carried into governments also. I remember the Worlds Fair at Spokane and the Russian display. It was nothing but displays of creatures evolving from on kind to another, finally ending up with man. The religion of evolution does have itsí drawbacks. The issue of the Jews being required to destroy the enemy nations can also be a hard one to reconcile with the claimed kindness of God. It is not anything that could be explained away in some short letter, but in a quick way Iíll say that it was not Godís plan that they were to fight at all. They were to just obey Him and He would drive them away. These people were like the terrorists we are chasing around the world right now and Iím afraid that no one could live in peace while they were around. The nations had seen the miracles of the Jews escaping Egypt and the way God took care of them in the desert, yet they hardened their hearts and chose to fight against God. They could have joined in the ways of the true God but became His enemy instead, the thing I wish not to do myself.

Enclosed is a little thing about creation that I condensed to what I would consider non arguable arguments. It would be my stand if I were to make anything of this issue at all.

Keep in mind that I am still wishing for you to see my little heat cycle engine, so stop by my shop sometime.


Frank X

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