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My Letter to You

   I am seeking the candidacy for the office of United States Senator representing the great state of Texas.  I will be running as an Independent write-in candidate and I need your help with my campaign or more correctly our campaign to have a voice in Washington D.C.

   Neither of the major parties behaves as though they have our best interests in mind.  Our sovereignty has eroded and our representatives have failed to defend our Constitution and preserve the Republic.

   As I listen to public discourse among concerned patriots, and conservative media, I am encouraged that my concerns are shared by many of you.  At the same time I am increasingly alarmed at the lack of response from our own representation at the federal level.  I am hoping you will help me to put an end to this behavior in the legislative branch.

    Let me introduce myself: my family and I are of the Christian faith.  I'm a family man with a lovely wife, two grown daughters and a teenaged son.  I proudly served my country in the Air Force, I am a City Councilman for my small community, and I am employed as a technician by a phone company and member of CWA Union.

I have volunteered with or currently volunteer with the:

The Texas Minutemen (TxMM)

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC)

I am a current member of:

National Rifle Association (NRA)

American Mensa

Fifty Calibers Shooters Association (FCSA).

ISSUES of immediate concern are
Immigration, War and Taxes.
Here are some very brief platform statements:


    America needs to get illegal immigration under control right now.  This is most urgent, and has become an issue that should be acknowledged as a foreign invasion.  Our government supports this influx by maintaining open borders, and by raising our taxes to support those whose first act on our soil is a federal offense.  Our taxes are higher, our hospitals are burdened to extinction and our education system is severely compromised due to this invasion.  Diseases that had been eradicated from our population are back again, and now they are resistant to our drugs.  Our borders are wide open.

For more information check out these web sites: VDARE, NUMBERSUSA and FAIR..

   As Senator, I will make it a priority to correct this situation before it is too late.  Our efforts should not be aimed at considering how to incorporate the whole world into our culture.  I will oppose any form amnesty, and insist on the immediate enforcement of border and immigration laws already in place.

   I am not opposed to legal immigration; we need this type of growth in order to prosper.  However even the numbers of legal immigrants we allow has risen too high for us to accommodate without compromise to our culture and security.  English should be our official language and dual citizenship cannot be granted.  Let us not be misled by terminology, Immigration is not the issue we currently face on our borders.

   We need to make sure that people are willing to assimilate and become part of America.  Loyalty is not complicated; I asked my wife if a man could be loyal to more than one woman.  Of course I knew her answer, that would be impossible in a committed relationship.  How then can a citizen be loyal to more than one country?

   Though there are valid reasons to deploy our troops around the globe, our priority should be the security of our own borders.  Otherwise the rationale that our National Security is best handled by taking the fight to enemy’s soil to avoid it at home is senseless, and is offensive to our intellect.  Today any enemy in the world has free entry into our home; our border may as well be a screen door with a ripped screen and no lock.


   We need to continue the war on terrorism, but only with adequate provision for our armed forces.

   We cannot bring charges against our own troops in front of the whole world, when they are doing the dangerous work we ask them to.  The sectors of the media and congress, who personally do not like our military, or our country for that matter, do not need to reflect and expound publicly on the behavior of a soldier in combat.  I find that repulsive.  There is a wide line between freedom of speech and aiding the enemy.

   Reasonable impositions within our borders by Homeland Security must be allowed, but we need careful monitoring to protect the rights of citizens.  We have a serious conflict and potential elimination of our rights because of porous borders.


   As a husband, dad, and councilman I am responsible not only for my earnings, but I am also accountable for the effective use of taxes collected in my own community.  Financial responsibility in every aspect of my life is essential for the well being of many people.  Like most of you, I work hard to provide for my family, and try to be efficient with my earnings.  As a senator I will honor your money the same way.

   There is no reason taxes cannot be lowered, and the whole income tax structure should be reconsidered.


   I know I can do a good job for you if you decide to elect me as the next United States Senator from Texas.  I have only touched on a few issues here, if you have questions or would like to help with my campaign Click on How to Help button or please email me by clicking the "contact me" mailbox below.   I will need help after the primary elections with the petition to get on the ballot.  If you type “want to help in 2008 campaign” on the subject line, I will give you more information.  At this time I am not asking for money.  I feel that the candidate with the most votes should win, not the one with the most money.

   Time to stop settling for politics as normal, give me a chance and you will not be disappointed.  I will fight for us.  So all I am asking of you is for your help and support.  Thank You for taking your precious time to read this and God Bless.

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