The Junkers

You may ask yourself what the junkers are... You may be wondering what we do. Who we are. If we're human.

Here's a Quickie History: There is a group known as SCUL. Zeus rode with them for quite a while, and decided that since he lived in Bangor Maine, and SCUL is in Boston, 5 hours away, that he'd ride right at home. Get a group together, have some derbies, have some ride. Ride for fun, ride to have a good time, nothing serious about it. The Junkers rode for two or three years. Then, Zeus moved to Statesboro, Georgia with his lovely wife. (can't forget to mention her). He found himself in the middle of nowhere. It was painful.

Zeus is currently in the middle of trying to get a group set up down here in Georgia as well. I'm not sure when we'll ride, or even how often, but damn it, I WILL BRING FUN AND STYLE TO THIS T0WN IF I HAVE TO STAPLE PEOPLE TO BIKES! So, here's the important part. If you're in the Statesboro, GA area, and you're interested in riding, give me an email.

if you want the official font of the Junkers, download Dead Postman. Save it to your windows/fonts folder. The web page looks better with it.

Info on our little group


This takes a bit of explanation. This is one of our activities. We love to derby. It's fun. People get on these goofy bikes, which are not always that easy to steer, and tie a length of flag ribbon around their necks. Then, we let them loose in a parking lot. If someone takes your ribbon, you're out. If any part of you touches the ground, you're out. Usually, for the first few minutes, people try to get ribbons. Then, when there is only a few people left, they just try pushing people over. So far, we've had some great crashes, and no one has been hurt. I don't expect anyone ever will. There are always variations of derbies. Derbies without ribbons at all, derbies where you can touch the ground, and derbies where you use shopping carts and construction cones as battering rams. It's all good.


Tev's Pictures

Picture set #2

More pics (including the famous picture of Forrest killing himself)


Reports and pictures of each bike

We've just added a new section.... How to build a cheap chopper. Check it out to find out the skinny on a simple chopper design.

We also have a section on design now, just as a quickie place to store some people's old designs. I highly welcome people to send in designs, no matter how fanciful, as the thought process of bikes is one of the most interesting. Design pages.

If you wish a connection to a highly cool group of chopper pilots in Boston, then check out SCUL, a group that the junkers is proud to share much affiliation with. We are an offspring of SCUL, and while very different, are also very alike.

As is standard for all web pages, more to come later. If you wish to e-mail someone asking questions, bitching us out for something our ancestors did or something to that extent, then mail me.